Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Little Bit of Hannukah

This is one of three Hannukah cards I made this year...they were all a variation on the theme, but I only remembered to photograph this one!  As my blogging buddy would say....EIYIYI!!!!! And to help with the vision....slaps forehead very hard whilst saying this....possibly followed by "Oy Vey!"

I used my ecraft to cut the candleabra out and just kept the whole thing really simple!  This fits in with Stampaliciously Challenge which is to keep things Clean and Simple!

Thanks for popping over - I know that sometimes its hard to leave a comment, I know I look at a whole lot more blogs than I ever comment on, so please never feel bad that you dont leave comments often enough - I dont!  Oh - and I can always look at my blog stats if I feel the need to massage my ego!



eiyiyi said...

LMAO!!! Your forgot the eyeroll as you slap your forehead and mutter eiyiyi!

All of your cards have been wonderful. I never miss reading your blog but like you time is not long enough to comment on each one.

hugs, eileen (aka eiyiyi)

misteejay said...

The clean & simple lines on this really work well - lovely card.

LOL about the forgetting to take photos - I do thos far too often.

Toni :o)