Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hiya - gosh, this is my third post today!

Little challenge to everyone today - why not allocate yourself some time over the next week to really hit the outstanding stuff?

That could be cleaning, cooking, tidying, spending time with family and friends before chaos hits in!

Here is my little list of personal challenges for this coming week.....
  • Make money gift holder thingies for pressies.
  • Buy the tins of sweets I need to finish Christmas pressies
  • Wrap pressies
  • At least THINK about what I am gonna feed everyone when they come back to me Christmas Day for tea (we eat out for the main meal!) - hang on....that makes it sound like I am all grown up! 
  • Finish sending out the year's meetings to staff this week - I have scheduled them in my diary but need to do electronic meeting thingies!  Don't ask!  I have between 1 and 5 meetings every week for the whole of next year - what is that about!!!!
  • Do my DD sketch challenge -eeeeeek
  • Do my Aud Sentiments challenge card
  • Play with bunny - just rescued and needs to know that it is NOT ALLOWED to be territorial over its cage! - but is incredibly sweet and friendly other than that!- bunny is out everyday for playtime!
  • Finish washing and ironing today (mental rule of mine - must be done by Sunday!)
This is all besides the regular stuff (well actually, some of it IS the regular stuff - just am overdue with it, or at least in my mind!)

Feel free to add your personal challenges to the comments - then you can come back and update how far you got....why not keep the page open and then it will remind you!

I will also either update this post, or add to comments - so you will KNOW if I havent done what I said I would!  Eeeek!

Thanks for stopping by!


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