Thursday, 23 December 2010

I made a bag - and some yummies!

One of the things on my Get it done Tuesday list was to make a bag!  I have been looking around for just the right bag for a long time - just cant seem to find it - then I saw the Lickety Split bag on Made by Rae and thought I would have a crack at it!

It's reversible - this side is made from the offcuts of my curtains (the plain side that is)!  They were from Ikea and waaaay too chop! 
I didnt have enough of either of the patterned fabrics so I did one side in one design and the other side in another!


And below is both sides together - the handles are really cool - they are separate and you knot them as long or short as you want them - this means you can know them onto your buggy etc.  The pattern comes with pockets - but I decided to leave them off - I will probably make another and put them on that one! 

And these were our yummies!  Oreo with white chocolate and sprinkles - I saw these on another blog and they were done as lollipops, but we didnt have any sticks.  

I have to say, although they were fun to make, I didnt really go for them - aren't oreos sweet enough already?????

I dont think Josh felt the same as me though!  He would have eaten the lot if I had let him!

Thanks for popping by!



misteejay said...

The bag looks great - well done on getting sorted.

Toni :o)

Juls said...

wow your bag looks just amazing!!!! and those choccies look divine! yummmm! Hugs Juls

Julye said...

Fab bag it looks real funky and practical too. Your son is like mine he closes his eyes when he is eating something he is really enjoying!

Have a fab christmas and hope SAnta brings you some fab new toys to play with too, Hugs Julye.

Julie said...

Love, Love, love that bag! Your oreo treats look so yummy
Happy New Year

Maria Matter said...

too fun Ruthie! I would probably eat them all too! lol

fabulous bag, beautiful fabrics!!
hugs & blessings!