Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Get it together Tuesday!

Phew - I almost got all those niggly things out the way from last week's post!

I still have to:
  • Send out staff appointments
To add to this list this week:
  • Enjoy Christmas!  All wrapped and done bar a few tiny things
  • One of those Tiny things is another money holder - for my big bruv this time
  • Play some family games
  • Keep up the "bunnytime" - this is spending time each day with our foster bunny (a rescue waiting to be rehomed!)
  • Take Karen her calendar - this is going to have to wait - she is off sick!!! So going to cross it off my list for now!
  • Do my next DD assignment
  • Do my next Aud Sentiment assignment
  • Make a bag!!!!  Don't ask!
Hmmm think that should keep me going!

Feel free to add your to-dos in the comments - or add them onto your own site!


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