Saturday, 31 July 2010


Oh - I have had so much fun this last week!  We had annual leave and did some daytrips.  We live in a London Borough - which means we are considered to be London - but I have never really done all the touristy things around London - so we went on an open top bus yesterday, all around the sights!  Such fun.  Included in our ticket price was a cruise down the Thames - we went down to Greenwich.  Now - this seems like so much rambling BUT its not!  Well, it is!  But not without a reason!

When we were in Greenwich we met this lovely lady who was doing felting.  Excuse the dragon - take a peek at my sidebar - we do a library blog with Dexter!  Anyway - the lovely lady showed Josh and me how to wet felt - we made a strawberry each! Then she showed us how to needle felt.

I liked this....alot!  Its quick, you can't do it wrong and its lots of fun!

This was my first thing I made.  Its a holder for my phone.  There is no sewing in this at all....not a single stitch.  Nope, not for putting it together, not for the flower or the strap - no sewing at all!  I had a strip of felt in my kit so felted on top of that - made it a bit thick but its definitely going to protect my phone!
Josh liked the case and wanted one for his ipod touch - have to say they feel really soft and fluffy!  Did this one with no backing felt which made it even softer.  He chose the colours - and, NO, I didnt put a flower on it!  Obviously this picture is of the back of it - it has the same flapover as the one above.

And this is a little bag I made today.  Its from normal felt - then I felted on the flower and edging.  I didnt use a pattern, just kinda made it up as I went along. 

Here it is again - it took a few hours, but all in front of the tv watching a film - so really no hardship!

And this is just a little something!  Not sure what I am going to do with this, was just playing around really. 

Could really see uses for this - flowers for cards, little scenes, just abstract colours etc.

I would urge anyone to go away and try it out if you have the time and inclination.  Its really lots of fun - and you cant actually do it wrong!

Thanks for looking



Faye said...

Ooh get you, the tourist! Or grockles as we call 'em down 'ere! ;)
Your bag and phone holder are brilliant, specially like the bag! xx

Crafty Chris said...

These are really lovely Ruthie, love the bag, cant believe it didnt take you long its gorgeous.
Christine x

Lisa Jane said...

looks fabulous and really enjoyable. My friend makes felt flower brooches which look really effective on a winter coat or bag
Lisa ;)

Julye said...

This looks fun, I feel an internet search coming on. Thanks for sharing.

bernietom47 said...

I played tourist around our area before my family came to visit. Wanted to find the best places to take them when they got here. It was so much fun. I recommend everyone doing it.
I've seen felting done on TV, looks like fun but I've never tried it. I'm partial to blues so I especially love that last one. Looks like a landscape.
Hugs & Blessings

Emma said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun and fabulous makes too. Love your little bag & lol at Dexter.
Hugs Emma x