Monday, 26 July 2010

People leaving after candy winners announced!

Hmmmm - what can you do?  I had a little blog candy - Victoria won it!  There was no criteria for anyone to become a follower to enter the candy - but some people did, so I was really happy - and then a couple left when it was announced.  Just dont get it!  Mind you - am still so excited to be over the 100 mark - so yay to everyone else who didnt leave!  Think I will find a little candy for existing followers only!  Mind you - have to post the other one out first!

Watch this space - thank you for hanging around!



Annette Bowes said...

I'm still hanging around Ruthie, congrats on your 107 followers now! Take CareX:)

Calypso said...

I know what you mean and I feel that I will fall into the same problem, after I announce the winner of my candy..:( If you have another, ask your followers NOT to post it...that way, only thoses that truely follow will know about it!!!


Biscuitlid said...

happened to me too when I did some candy hun - stings doesn't it?

At least you now have followers following you cos they love your creations and your banter and they're the followers you want


theCook said...

That's the problem with candies... some people think they'll have more chance to win if they do become a follower, but then they follow too many blogs and so they just quit... You just have to remember that the ones that stay really are interested in your blog!

monique said...

That is so rude. I follow a couple of blogs and don't have the time to viset them everyday but i try to visit every week at laest one.

Greetz Monique

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Ruthie
this happened to me as well and everyone who puts up candy, it the ones who stay that matter.
Christine x

Larisa said...

Oh, don't worry some people left you. Then they were not your real followers only. You have so nice blog, so beautiful works, and the others enjoy to be your followers and readers )))
Hugs. Larisa.

Lorraine A said...

aww ,, that is terrible to do that ,,, but at least you know the people who are following you are doing it for the right reasons hunny xx :-)

Lols x x x

Wilfreda said...

Same thing happened to me :( We don't need them anyways! I think your blog is great.

craft_princess said...

Sadly I think it happens alot.

Elsina said...

I had it happen to, and I don't really mind. It aint' the ones leaving but the ones that stay that count :)

Lisa Jane said...

Here Here - i agree with all the above
Lisa ;)

Moni said...

I am hanging around. ;)

Emma said...

I'm still here but don't get chance to visit you as often as I would like. My follower go up and down all the time depending on what I am a DT call on at the mo but am sure they will drop once I have announced the team!!!
Hugs Emma x

Dragonlady said...

Hi Ruthie

I think you know my feelings about people just joining for candy and then leaving - they are not true crafting bloggers in my opinion.
I am staying - sorry hun!!!!

Hugs Ali x