Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just inspirational!

Oh my word!  I follow alot of blogs and don't get the chance to leave as many comments as I would like but I try to when I can!  Some days I dont have chance to check all the blogs and just kinda skip through the list.  Well Christy has a blog that I will definitely not be missing anymore!

Christy is doing a challenge not to buy a single thing for a year - not even sticky dots! She has put photos up on her blog of her stash - and it is scary!  Actually showed it to hubby last night and said "see, you think I have alot of stuff" - he then replied.....wait for it......"I dont think you have alot!".....have you ever heard a clearer invitation to go and buy some more STUFF! 

Anyway, please go and cheer Christy on - she is also doing a fabby draw at the end of the year if she gets 100 followers but thats not why I am posting this - its just that I am fascinated that she is documenting what she is doing!


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble!



Christy said...

Ruthie...thank you for the shout-out! Your husband made me giggle! I need people like you behind me cheering me on. Thank you for your support!

Kirsti said...

Hi…just stopping by to say hello via the Clips-n-Cuts Birthday Blog Hop…Hope you are having a great day…

Just been over to Christy's blog and she sure has a ton of stuff to use!!!

PenLight said...

What a cool idea. I don't have that kind of stamina. I did it for a month and that was enough! Whew. I will cheer her on though. Thanks for posting it.