Thursday, 22 April 2010

'ickle plea to book lovers!

In case you weren't aware....when I am not crafting, being mum to Josh and wife to Tony,  I also work for a fab library service in London - Havering to be exact!  I am the reader development manager - this means I get to spend my days with a team of people who all try and encourage people to love books and use our libraries!  Its just the best job in the world (well, for me it is!). 

ANYWAY.....we have a facebook page called Havering Reading Group - there is a link in my sidebar - and there is a bit of a competition with our twitter page!  They have over 200 followers - and we have just over 100 - soooooooooooo, I was wondering, if you enjoy books etc etc and have facebook (or have been meaning to sign up for ages!) if you would go and join our reading group.  Its very casual - people generally pop up posts about what they have read recently! 

So, if you have read a good book, or want to read a good book - or just want to help me get more members - tee hee - then would you please pop over and start following us!

thanks for looking


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Wendy M said...

I'm on my way to add your group on Facebook, I love reading but since I got a car I spend a lot less time on the bus going to work so I do miss that time to just sink into my book, maybe following your group will inspire me to read again.