Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm back!

Oh Wow!  Cyprus was lovely - but windy for a couple of days but, other than that, glorious sunshine.  We were in the pool each day (brrrrrrr!) and had a blast - really nice to relax and not think about work for a change! 

OK - got to go and do my Doodle Palace card - will be a nightmare I think as I need to get to my crafting stuff around all the "stuff" out of Josh's room - we had it decorated while we were away and still havent got wardrobes and cupboards sorted yet so his stuff is EVERYWHERE!  Hmmmm - well, will try my best - the images are wonderful, as usual, and I know just what I want to do with them!

First, I have to get some more washing done though - so much of it!  Glad I am not back to work until tomorrow!  Ooooo and have to go and put some ingredients in the bread maker as we have no bread either!  Yes - I COULD run to Tesco, but Josh is swimming with a friend so am not sure when he will get back - and it will give me a shove to get the breadmaker out again!

Ooooo AND - I came home to find I had won Dawn's candy too!  How cool is that???



craft_princess said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Good luck getting caught up...always hard for me when getting back from vacation. Took me a few weeks this last time! And congrats on your win you are very lucky! Awesome candy she had!


Annette Bowes said...

Welcome back, glad you had sunshine, when we went they had the worst rain in 25 years! The children were desparate to swim in the pool that we had to have a hot bath ready to thaw them out lol! But a lovely place and the locals were extremely friendly. Congratulations on you candy win, lovely home coming surprise, hope you are caught up soon, take careX:)