Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pay it forward Crafting Style

Oh wow - Joanne has come up with a fab idea!  Pay it forward (meaning send a pack of crafting goodies - or just one item) to someone random - with no thought of getting a reward (other than a warm fuzzy feeling).

OK  Joanne says it so much better than me.....

I thought this would be a wonderful way to spread some crafting love around the world. 'Pay It Forward' works by sending one person a crafting gift, whether it be something you have made or a package of crafting goodies, the recipient then repays this kind gesture by sending a crafting gift or crafting goodies onto someone else and so on, so each time it is being paid forward. There is no time scale to pay your gift forward just when you are ready and able too. Whether this will take off I don't know, maybe it's a mad idea but we wont know unless we give it a try, will we!!
http://payitforwardcraftingstyle.blogspot.com/Gonna go and have a dig in my cupboards now.......



Crafting Joanne said...

Aww thank you Ruth for your support.


Joanne xx

Wilfreda said...

Saw your comment on the Pay it Forward Blog. Sooo Funny!!! I thought the same thing.