Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Just saw an appeal on another blog and thought I would pass it on....medicins san frontieres (doctors without borders) are desperately in need of funds to help with their work in Haiti - if you can spare anything at all, please go to and donate ..... if you donate to a specific cause they can only use it for that cause, but if you do an open donation (think they call it "greatest emergency" or somesuch then they can use it for anything appropriate.  This means that people who donated in this way over Christmas or the New Year are already helping the people of Haiti! 

Just thought that people might see this and be persuaded into action - obviously, there are many other people to donate to that will benefit these people so, if you dont want to donate to MSF, this might trigger you to go and donate to your chosen place. 

Ooooo and, if we all post something of the like on our blogs then lots of people may be triggered to donate - that way, even if you cant afford to make a donation, you can help!  This is when the power of blogging really comes into its own!


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