Saturday, 12 September 2009

What a day and some blog candy

Wow - what a day! Did all the usual things this morning (washing, taking child to wing chun, picking up mum etc) then went with Josh (child) to riding. We ride at my friend's yard where I used to keep my horse (she died)....anyway, Josh was looking really good trotting up a hill towards me and a pheasant came out of the bushes and spooked the pony....Josh took a tumble but got his foot stuck in his stirrup - got dragged a little way.... lots of screaming (mostly from me! LOL) - he has got a broken toe and a poss break in his foot! 2.5 hours in casualty - then round to mother-in-law for a late tea. Phew, absolutely exhausted now!

Still came home to find some interesting blog candy - got to and check out Christine's birthday!



Angie said...

Love the Christening Card on previous post.

Had to drop by when I saw your post on JD's...make sure IKEA do daylight bulbs as some of their lamps only take their bulbs ....well they used to and I thought I would say as you hadn't bought yet ...check with JD.

Ruthie said...

OOOOO thanks so much for that Angie - will be going out on Tuesday so will check before hand -



♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh no!!! Poor Josh!! Fingers crossed his foot isn't broken...and I hope his toe doesn't give him too much grief xx

Glad your parcel arrived ok and you like it...enjoy xx