Friday, 4 September 2009

Feeling inspired but intimidated

Have been looking at so many blogs over the last few days - Funky Fairys DT, challenge blogs etc etc - now although I feel very inspired I am also feeling really intimidated.  Cant see how I will ever get half as good as all the wonderful crafters out there!

Now to the point of this post - would anyone popping in take a few moments to comment on my cards - BUT I dont want the usual "lovely card, well done" - I would rather have some constructive criticism - like "Why on earth did you think colouring the fairy's wings was a good idea?" or "why not try adding.....".  I know this can be a bit of a tough ask so I promise I wont take anything personally - I also promise not to reply unless a reply is requested (that way I wont be trying to "defend" what I did!) - this way I can genuinely learn from the comments!  I'm a tough cookie so dont worry about upsetting me - if I dont agree with the comment then thats my own look out and what I get for asking for comments!!!

Go on then ---- go for it!!!

Oh and thanks!

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Lorraine A said...

Hi Ruthie,, I have just left a couple of comments and I can assure you I was being honest ! :-) Your cards are truly lovely and I look forward to seeing more of your work ,, :-)
Welcome to blogland ,,, it is addictive let me warn you lol :-)

Lols x x