Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bee Crafty Challenge Bookmark

This is my bookmark for the Bee Crafty Challenge - took it upstairs and it ended up in Josh's book straight away! He has a stash of books under his pillow and needs lots of bookmarks! Hubby has now asked for one - and I am a librarian so I suspect I may be making more of these! I deliberately didnt put a ribbon or tassel on as Josh didnt want one - "it'll look like you made it for a girl!"
Book image - Bee crafty free download - here the book bug is from Dustin Pike and the rest of the bits and bobs have been lurking for ages!


Bee said...

Lovely work! Great combination of the cute Dustin Pike image with the stack of books, really nicely done. I keep hearing that kids are laying claim to these creations, so you'll definately have to make some more!
Thanks for joining the Bee Crafty Challenge :)

Anesha said...

Adorable bookmark! Anesha

Tammy said...

What a perfect bookmark!
This is so cute.