Sunday, 22 August 2010

Karen's Doodles - Halloween Freebie!

I do like Karen's images - I have quite a few of them now!  Oh the joys of digi downloads and the temptation of that instant gratification!

And....the observant among you will have noticed that the card on the left is NOT a Karen's Doodles image!  Nope - its my trusty wishblade in operation again - I designed the image myself, linked it all up and (eventually) got it to cut out!  YAY!  Was very pleased with myself!
And if you open the card - here is what is inside!  YAY Karen's image!  Have doodled the cobwebs and spiders and added glossy accents to the pumpkin so it stands proud.

This shows the card standing up!  And you will notice it has another "layer" - open up the trick and treat panel and find the Karen's Doodles panel...then you lift that panel and find the final panel!

Theoretically, I guess you could just carry on with this - use it for little brag book?  A way to show off some images perhaps---oh come on - you with imaginations will know of something to do with it!

So - you get a rectangle of card, fold it in half (into a mini card) and then add another rectangle of card (but this one sits at 90 degrees - so the fold is at the top) - hope that makes sense!  To continue on, you would just add the next "card" in with the fold at the side again (like the first layer - although, you could of course put the fold on the right side rather than the left side!)

Ha ha - have just re read those instructions!  Make no sense!  If you want me to, just leave me a comment and I will put up a quick photo tutorial to show what I mean!

Oh....the final panel......

Thanks for looking - go and check out Karens Doodles on facebook!



Biscuitlid said...

firstly - fab card, secondly, fab with the amount of folds and thirdly - no need to apologise - I am the worlds worst lol!!!


ps - serioulsy - whenever don't rush out or anything!

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

LOVE those google eyes!!! Perfect idea!! I love all those folds to your card, great idea!!