Friday, 6 August 2010

Help = bit of advice needed!

Hey all, 

really don't know why I didn't think of this before....I need a bit of advice and realised you would very likely know just exactly what I need to know....ermmmm yeah!

I am looking at getting a cricut with the gypsy...but do I need one?  Oh please say yes!!!  Hee hee....I already own a wishblade (craft robo) but dont really use it - its such a faff to get out and hook up, and then the fiddling around with getting the pressure right etc etc.  I do like it - and will poss still play with it again at some time...but!

So, I really wanted to know if the people who have cricuts use them very it just as much of a faff as the wishblade is?  I know you dont need to hook the cricut up to the computer so thats one thing less....but still - how much do you use yours?  Do you need to set the pressure etc - does it cut little fiddly things without rucking the paper?

Am I right in thinking that the gypsy will allow me to design my own stuff?  One of the things I like about the robo is that I can design what I want and am not reliant on cartridges - is this the same for cricut?

And finally - does anyone know of a REALLY good deal for getting one?  Have been peeping at ebay etc. 

Oh - and finally finally (!!!!!!) is the basic cheaper version ok for cards etc, or do I need to look into the more expensive ones?

Really appreciate you taking the time to pass on your advice - hmmmmm, if anyone owns a company and would like to donate one to me (or give me one cheap!) - that would be very fab!  Would happily trade for a blogging series on first impressions and continued use by a strange person!

Hey, mum always said that you if you dont ask you dont get.....or was that, if you do ask you wont get???



craft-princess said...

I have a cricut expression and I love it....recently cut out 40 tags for two swaps really quickly! I do use my Cuttlebug for some things versus the cricut though but I still LOVE both right now!! You can adjust the pressure easily too. I have the studio on my computer to manipulate the images on the carts (rarely use that). I love my jukebox to have more than one cart in at a time!!!
Ummm, I have no clue about the gypsy...I thought it was just so you could travel without all the carts but not really sure??
Hope this helps a bit.

Julie said...

I too love using my Cricut. I have Design Studio and the gypsy. You can manipulate the images from the carts to make your own designs but you still need the carts. There are software programs out (not supported by Provo Craft who makes the Cricut) that allow you to use any image or clip art. Hope that helps answer a few of your questions. I got my Gypsy off of ebay and saved a bundle!!