Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sooooo behind!....

Oh my goodness me - I have had some issues with my hands - I have developed cubital tunnel syndrome. Its like carpel tunnel, but a different nerve is affected. You know when you hit your "Funny Bone"? Your arm, hand and fingers go numb and tingly, then they hurt? Well thats the cubital nerve....its not nice! The good news is - it seems to have settled down, so I have been able to catch up with my crafting! YAY! So - one overdue DT piece coming up, and one challenge entry for Simply Betty!

The one above is my overdue DT entry for AudSentiments!  I turned this simple rose into a cut design - it looks like it is printed, but its not, its cut out with a scalpel.  Very relaxing to do!

And the one below is my challenge entry - SPIKA the evil mermaid.  Betty very kindly gives us an image to play with and this month we got a choice of naughty or nice mermaid....the only catch was that if you chose the naughty one you had to do evil theme, and the nice was a cutsie theme!  

I am hoping that evil still includes glitter!!!!  I can't wait to use this image again - she is soooo sexy!  I can just see her in reds and blacks! 

So, those are my two pieces - couple more posts due soon.......

thanks for hanging in there - I know I'm not being very regular at the moment! 

Ruthie x


Corinne said...

fantastic job love it

Emily Shroom said...

Wow, love the purples on her tail, beautifully coloured!