Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wedding anniversaries

I had a real funny one the other day.  Happily sat on Facebook chatting away (as you do!) and my neighbour messaged me - "do you sell the cards you make?".  

I dropped her a message back "yes sometimes, why do you need one?"

"Yes, now!" was her reply!  

She had her step daughter over and she had misjudged her anniversary date - she thought it was the day after!  So I quickly popped together this card - she was very happy!  

Then, this last weekend we had a silver wedding "do" to go to.  The couple were renewing their vows and also having a party - they are also our neighbours - we have such lovely neighbours and are so lucky!  So here is the card I did for them...

Shhhhh - don't tell anyone, but the base paper, numbers and heart are actually....wallpaper!  Lol - I cut the bits out on my eclips - haven't used it very much recently, so am hoping to get on and do some more with it!  It just cuts through things so well!

Thanks for popping by today x


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Debbie said...

Beautiful cards, I especially love the silver one, the embossed design is very effective!