Monday, 20 February 2012

Quickie Monster card!

Thought I would have a bit more fun with my ecraft - I keep saying I am going to use it more!  So, I decided I would cut some of the really basic shapes out - so I chose Monsters from Lettering Delights!

"A quick card" me thought!  And it was, until I decided I would print straight onto card - then my laptop wouldnt talk to the printer via the router...after 40 mins of messing about I eventually got them all to work together - I think they had had a row!  I am going to consider a career as a mediator!

So - here was the card!  I know its basic, but I thought it would be a good standby - and I am making some for my local animal sanctuary to sell and this just took scraps and some white card so cost pennies!  

For a basic card, with no huffle puffle, I think it came out ok!

Thanks for popping by - comments welcome!  


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