Saturday, 16 July 2011

Teacher's gifts!

Well, the end of primary education looms close!  End of term is Thursday, so I really needed to get these done this weekend.  I had an idea, you know one that sits and germinates, so I kinda knew what I wanted to do before I sat down.


There is a nice big bar of chocolate in the hangy doo-dah

Close up of the image - and a brief explanation

Anti-bacterial hand-wash.

The chocolate.....and of course, the wine!

It was very simple - a bit of fiddling around with the hangy thingy....but mainly just playing around in inkscape to make the labels etc.  I was a bit cheeky because I didnt hand colour anything - did it all in inkscape.  Yeah - cop out, I know - but I had 6 of these sets to make, so they would have taken me forever!

Thanks for popping by


OOOOOOO forgot to say - the images are all from bugaboo!  


misteejay said...

Great gift ideas Ruthie - I'm sure they will be well received.

Toni xx

eiyiyi said...

No question Ruthie ... they are going to love these. You definitely win parent of the year for this one! hugs, eileen

cg said...


Anonymous said...

Great gift ideas ,I'm sure they will love them
Hugs Julie P

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

This is just fab. Wine AND chocolate, what more could you want?
Great gift for a teacher.
Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.
Caroline xxx

Cheryl said...

Oh this is fabulous! I love this idea! I might be CASE'ing you in the future.

Stop by my blog to check out my blog candy!

Penny-lee-R said...

another great idea....nearly that time of year pressy thinking solved right here thanks.