Friday, 15 July 2011

Good News...No, GREAT NEWS!


We just got Josh's SAT results today.

If you have been a follower for a while, you may have seen the tale of Josh and his schooling - if not, lets just say it hasnt always been easy!  After being in a small private school that, despite asking, kept saying that Josh didnt have any learning needs at all and was just lacking in self-control (!!! - we are relatively strict with him, so I was very insulted by this!), we moved him half way through Yr 5.  One week in the new school and his new teacher suggested (very nervously!) that we might consider getting him tested for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) - at the end of Yr 5 we had a postive diagnosis - yep he is ADD, he is also gifted and talented. 

Well, we had his results and he is Level 5 for Maths, English and Science (they only do the 3) - Level 4 is achieving expectation for age and level 5 is exceeding expectation for age!

As you can imagine - there are some very jolly happy people in our house at the moment!  I am so proud of him - and whats more (and waaaaay more important) he is actually proud of himself!  Can you just feel the warm glow coming from this post?????

OK gonna go and ring people now!  Lol x

If anyone else has kids waiting for results (whatever exams they may be) - then I hope you are as happy with your results (whatever level they may be!)



craftykitten said...

Hiya Ruthie,
Wow hunnie that is fabulous news you must be absolutely thrilled and I am sure Josh is too! What a clever lad.
Dawn xx

Julie said...

Tell him all your crafty friends are excited and proud for him.

Penni said...

Wow what super news. I so pleased to hear this. My eldest son has Asperger's Syndrome, so I know how difficult things can be. He also acheived above the expectation too - so big Whoo Hoo's for both our Boys!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend


Pascale said...

Well done Josh you are just specialWell done to the teacher who spotted his needs and talents xxx I wish some of my childrens teachers were more observant sometimes xxx
My Georgina did really well too she has made me so proud xxx

Hugs to you Ruthie and to Josh xxx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I can tell your very happy and you should be! Congrats to your son for doing really well on his tests!