Sunday, 24 October 2010

Delicious Doodles

Just before I post this up - need to tell you about my sillyness!  I came to schedule a post yesterday and most of my toolbar had just disappeared! "Ho Hum" I said, not unlike Pooh Bear, "I will go away and come back another time.", so I did.  And the same thing happened took me waaay too long to realise that I had clicked one of the tabs at the top and I was looking at the "edit HTML" tab, rather than the "Compose" tab - doh!

Today is my day for posting over on Delicious Doodles Blog.  Sorry - this picture is a little dark!

I loved this image when Teri put it up last week - thought it was so lovely, but her face is kinda sad too!  I printed her out a little large (got carried away!) but actually I liked the way she came out after all - I think she deserves to be the focus of the card.

There you go, this one is a little lighter.  I glittered all over the place!  Used Sakura tiara pens wherever I could!  And then used flower soft on her bodice...this is the first time I have used it and it worked so well!  Believe me, you are gonna see this on everything from now on!

Ruthie x


misteejay said...

Lovely card. She does look a little sad but she is a lovely 'doodle' and you have coloured her beautifully. Flower Soft gives a great effect, doesn't it.

Toni :o)

Happy Days said...

Simply stunning hun. I love her! Good choice to print her out large as the main focus. x

Teri said...

Gorgeous hun, love all the flower soft and sparkle.

PenLight said...

Beautiful image and well done to set it off with the flower soft and sparkle, such a gorgeous card.