Saturday, 2 February 2013

Simply Betty Steampunk - oh dear!

The good and the bad - and the downright ugly!  

I decided to join in with another facebook challenge over at Simply Betty - so I got the image and set about deciding what to do with it.  

Hmmmm methinks - I have some bits on eclips cartridges I can cut out to go with this.  Dig, dig, dig...yep, a card front with cogs, and some clock hands, and a spooky fence....perfect!  So I duly cut them out - and they were gorgeous.

Then I coloured in the image - I loved doing her hair and think it came out well.

Then I tried to put it all together....oh dearie me....what a disaster!  Ready to look?....

Well, never say that I only put up the good stuff! 

Thanks for popping by - at least you had a giggle! 


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