Thursday, 25 November 2010

Delicious Doodles Blog Hop - my winner!

All I can say is...thank goodness one of the other DT posted their winner on their blog....cos I thought we still had ages to go on the hop!

 So - I got Josh to do the draw!  He couldnt be dishonest if he tried!  Well actually.......
 And here he is making the selection!  Told him not to look!

I LOVE the look on his face!

Sorry - going all mummyish there.....the winner is Jinny Newlin!  Jinny would you email me please .... gedalovitch at gmail dot com - I will send your image straight over (unless I am out, in bed, making cards, loading the dishwasher, reading with Josh, cleaning poop out the lizard cage, playing with the cats, feeding the hamster, giving the guinea pigs water, doing the washing, eating, having a cuppa, sleeping - oh you get the idea!)

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments!  If Jinny doesnt contact me by next Friday then I will get Josh to draw another name!



Croms' Cubby Hole said...

congrats Ginny :)

misteejay said...

Congrats to the winner and what fab pics of Josh - looks like he enjoyed the fame LOL

Toni :o)

Jinny Newlin said...

Yihoo! Thanks for picking my name, Josh! Gotta LOVE those pics!