Friday, 24 September 2010

One for the boys!

I hardly ever make any masculine cards - most of my male friends are not into the masculine stuff!

I chose this image from Delicious Doodles and discovered something wonderful....I didnt even need to colour it in!!!  I just looked at it and thought it looked quite brilliant as it was!

So - just added a few dirty smudges (yep and a fingerprint!) and it was just about done!

See?  Just doesnt need anything else!  Oh yes - there will be some wonderfully crafty types who will want to do more - but I just like it plain and my men!

Josh was very impressed with the fingerprint and wanted to do we did and then made it into a spider!  He was so chuffed - its on our shelf now!  I just asked him what its name is and its.....HECTOR!

Thanks for stopping by!  Ooooo and check out the post below this for my stress reliever post!!!



Faye said...

That spider is so clever and really cute and I'm loving this manly card. Great stuff. xx

Teri said...

Loving the card hun! And loving Hector the spider! You could make him into a digi character!!

Happy Days said...

Love that card - I've just done a similar thing (different image but uncoloured), so hand on heart I love it!!!! Also think the inky print is inspired.

The spider is awesome this would be a great 1/2 term boredom buster for my son, he could make Halloween party invites. x :)

Merry said...

So love this card...the image is wonderful and love the tread marks on the side. An what a clever idea to add a fingerprint smudge.

Emma said...

A fabulous card Ruthie, love the image and papers. He, he...Josh has done a wonderful job with the spider - love it!!
Hugs Emma x

Martha (MM) said...

Love the card and the little spider is adorable! Just looking over the front page here, lots of cool stuff!
Thanks for joining us over at TMS. Hope you'll stop in often! :-)

melsanford said...

This is fab! Love the image (and the spider!) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Teresa / Trees aWard in Crafts said...

I love the fingerprint idea, but I have to say that I would like a bit of red on the bike. But hey, that's just me. I love it just the same.

Hugs, Teresa xxx